Gold Metal Straw Set

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Going green and becoming environmentally-friendly is now more than a trend but has now become part of our culture, affecting individual, local, and even corporate initiatives. This very small company is really in its infancy and was born out of a desire to take my own efforts to live in way that supports our environment and promote a fun, eco-friendly lifestyle to others.

Each 6pc set contains a variety of sizes. Four eco- friendly, 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe straws, one cleaning tool and one drawstring straw pouch. 10.5 inch bent straw (6mm diameter). 10.5 inch straight straw (6mm diameter). 8.5 inch bent straw (6mm diameter). 8.6 inch smoothie straw (8mm diameter). 10 inch cleaning tool. 1 drawstring straw pouch.