Making 2020 Your Best Year Yet

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Making 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Im kind of done. 

Do you feel that too?

Checked out...

Make it stop...

Looking forward to 2021 and what it brings.

This year may have been extremely eye opening to what you need to accomplish. It may have set you back, it may have brought forth a complete change in understanding on what is and is not important. 

It also may have been hell. It may have been the worst season that you have experienced this far. And even though we are "all going through it" remember that pain is not a competition. Grief, mourning, or even Joy and overcoming obstacles and rising up-
it is not... a... competition.

Your IG or FB newsfeed is a battlefield- and it is not real life.
You are entitled, and given the experiences of your circumstances because you are trusted with that. God knows that whatever season of life you are in- He's trusting you in that season- because he knows
a) if he blesses you- you will give him the glory - and hopefully bless others with whatever he has first blessed you with
b) If you're experiencing hear ache- that is a blessing. You are building that testimony because somewhere down the line in the ripple effect of life- someone needs your story to be who they are meant to be- and give it to God's plan.

Started new devotional today- Jan 1. All about the new year. 

And I thought- jeez if we could just get to 2021 already-.. but then I remember thinking that 2019 was kind of bad- and all over facebook was the positives that would come in 2020....and look at where we are now. 

So as I sat there and reflected... 

God didn't give you TODAY- only to look forward to another day.

Your energy flows- wherever your focus goes.

Whatever we focus on-- is what we create. We give energy and life to what we focus on and we give it power in your mind. 
Make that power be positive and work for you!

This year will not win. The pain/ grief / trials/ I refuse to come to the end of this year and have it be wasted. 

Do not let 2020 be a negative defining year. You will overcome the trials of your life. God needs you in this. God needs what only you have to give this world. Don't short someone and this world of who you are because you are living for tomorrow. 

Im praying for you.

Love you all!


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  • Courtney Dickerson

    Well said, as always. Thanks for this reminder.

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