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Erin Johnson- Melting Your Heart (and Nose) One Wick at a Time

Hey everyone!

My name is Erin Johnson, a small town girl from Bentley, IL (yes, I totally consider that a growing suburb of Carthage)

I’ve always been the artsy one in my family; painting, drawing pictures, or doing anything creative has been the hub of my wheelhouse. Anywhere I go, I am always drawn to unique candles, atmosphere and all things that smell good.

One day, I decided that I was going to take my creativity and share it with as many possible people who love smells as much as I do! I mean, “why not?” and that was the start of my wax making journey.

Naming the scents - oh, how I love this! Some of the names come straight from the heart. For example, my favorite scent is Dixie May {caramel}. My love for caramel is deep rooted in the fact that my grandma, Dixie, was always the person I could count on to have a candy stash. The kind we shared the most frequent was caramel squares, so when I thought of a caramel scent, it was a no brainer - it had to be Dixie May!! Grandma was one-of-a-kind as is the Caramel scent - try it, you're sure to love it!!

However, wax doesn't take up all my time. I have a love for all children, animals, and am the oldest of 3 kids! I am currently enrolled in Court Reporting school in Iowa so come home frequently on the weekends to my "warehouse" to restock and brainstorm about what's next. On that note, my spring line may have some fun favorites of mine, including only the best and my stomach's passion: cookie dough blizzard! I have some crazy ideas that are sure to please... I mean, who doesn't love blizzards?!?  Basically guys, I LOVE making wax... so if there's a scent that you're craving, you know where to find it! I love experimenting and trying outlandish ideas- there are few boundaries for me with this business. 

So what would I do if I didn't do this? Most likely in my free time I would be shopping, getting my nails done, or painting (I am a girl afterall). My sister and I are only twenty-three months apart, so we've spent a LOT of time doing the same thing. Our favorite thing to do together is go on vacation, totally be corky and explore anything random! My little brother is a gem too, he enjoys helping me package the melts (and I don't even have to ask! So if you're reading this, "Thanks for the help Bro!!")

If you decide to try my wax, I want to thank you in advance for supporting me to live out my creative passion, as well as giving back to this community by shopping local. That makes you pretty cool in my book :) 

Until your candle burns out, we will see you again...


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