Love This Idea? Do It Yourself!

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Love This Idea? Do It Yourself!

Hi, there!

We had so many fantastic and positive comments on our balloon garland, and quite frankly, we're not over it yet, so we wanted to share how we did it.

This was done for our annual town event, HOP Around The Block, where local businesses and vendors get together to provide a weekend full of wonderful shopping experiences, sales and specials, first looks at new products and an overall great reason to visit Carthage. The goal was to make our storefront look festive for spring! This ended up being about the first decent day of nice weather that our little town had seen so far, so it worked out perfectly. We normally have a few lush plants or flowers in our planters out front, but with Mother Nature acting up, it hadn't worked out in our favor. The balloons not only added a much-needed pop of color, but it drew in customers! I mean, that's the ultimate goal, right?

First off, don't get overwhelmed by the size of this magnificent beast. Sure, it took a good chunk of time, some recruited help and a whole bunch of balloons, but it is sooo worth it! This is easy to accomplish on a smaller scale as well. Think party back drop or to adorn a doorway. 

What you'll need:

1. A vision

Pick a spot for your garland to go. Flat on a wall, on the front of a table, maybe filling a large picture window? Sketching it out can always help. Have an idea now? Great! Now, pick a color scheme. Does your party have a theme? An easy way to start is to pick out some fun napkins that go along with it. Say it's a tropical theme and you find some cocktail napkins with palm leaves and a hot pink background. Go with pink as your main color! Pick 2-3 shades of pink, some greens and blues as contrasting colors and maybe some orange/yellow to really seal the tropical color vibe. A great resource to use is This website is full of color swatches where you can search by color to find other colors that correspond well with each other. They also provide photos to give you a better visual of how the colors work with together.



2. Products:

- Balloons of course! If you have a party store within reach or a local craft store, I'm sure they'd be able to hook you up. Amazon is a perfect one stop shop if you prefer to purchase online. You will want to have multiple sizes, real big to real small, to help create the cluster look.

- Balloon tape. Now, this isn't the sticky kind of tape. It's a thin plastic strip with holes punched in it about every inch. This is what creates the garland! Once your balloons are inflated, you take the ties/knots of the balloons and push them through the punched out holes. The knots will be large enough to keep them from slipping out of the holes and they will stay in place, creating a gorgeous chain!

- Actual Tape and/or a Low Heat Glue Gun. Gorilla tape worked best but beware, it will take the paint off your walls when it's all said and done. We made ours without a glue gun and just used the tape but it is a good resource to have. Be sure that it is  a LOW heat glue gun, otherwise the high temperatures will pop all your hard work.

- Hand Pump or Electric Pump. If you don't want to get a headache from blowing up all those balloons, a pump will help you out tremendously! It will also save you loads of time. We purchased an electric one and it was a pretty decent price to boot. 



3. Some Motivation and a Helping Hand.

Get to Pumping! Once you start blowing up your balloons, mix up the colors and sizes and add them to your balloon tape. It helps to measure your space where you'll be hanging your garland and have the tape precut to size. Save your larger balloons to tape or hang directly on the wall. You'll want the majority of your larger balloons at the bottom of your garland, to keep it visually weighted correctly. Once you have your large balloons secured, add on your finished balloon chain. Make sure it is taped securely. You can have it draping loosely or have it "slithering" up your wall and taped in multiple places. Now is when you can add in those smaller balloons. If there are any gaps or spots that need an extra pop of color, roll up some tape and stick those little balloons right on there! Layer and have fun with it! if you want to get really creative with it, you can add in some greenery, tassels, pompoms or flowers for some extra texture. 



I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. I have attached a list of all of the products I purchased from Amazon to make this possible. Now, go forth and build some glorious balloon garlands!


Product Links:

36" Pink Balloons -

36" Rose Gold Balloons -

12" Teal Ballons -

10" Pastel Balloons, 100 pack -

12" Pink Variety Balloons, 100 pack -

Balloon Tape -

Electric Pump -

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